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Parent Night Out

Churches, we are now offering a program on a Friday or Saturday night where parents can drop off their kids for a 3-4 hour sports camp and have a night away!  Many churches have chosen 5 PM-10:00 PM, so parents can have enough time away and not be rushed.


Other churches have used us for a Sunday afternoon during Christmas time so parents can drop off and go and shop while their kids are getting exercise.  


Many different options, but you know with Triumph Sports you will get:

  • Quality Programs

  • Incredible Staff Members

  • Satisfied Customers

  • No Cost to your church


Contact Brian Simpson at [email protected] for a quote on your event.  

Hunters Glen Conference Camp 3

Church Childcare

Churches also have events at your church where you want all of your members & volunteers to be active in the event as opposed to serving in the childcare. A great solution to that is Triumph Sports!


Let our staff come in and run a fun 4 hour All Star Sports & Games Tournament while your parents are free to enjoy the church program, and Children's Ministers are not scrambling to cover for kids.  Here are some programs we have run recently:


  • FBC Keller - Engage Conference (picture to the left).

  • Hunter's Glen Baptist Church - Apologetics Conference. (picture above)

  • Gateway Wylie - Marriage Conference


Prices depend on many factors such as length of program, how many days in the program (Friday/Saturday or just Saturday), number of kids in attendance, etc.


Contact Brian Simpson at [email protected] for a quote on your event.  

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